Who we are..

Born and raised in a north Indian extended family, Meghna Saldhi grew up learning that eating meals together is a binding factor amongst families. A truly satisfying meal is also a social and emotional experience. She moved to the states 15 years back and became a proud mother of three kids.

Every year the Saldhi family made trips back to India, food became the favorite part of the trip for everyone. Meals prepared with love and passion by grandmother and great grandmother made these American raised kids very fond of Indian home made food. It was the purity and freshness of ingredients of the homemade food that everyone relished. We miss those flavors from back home here in the States.

In this fast paced world we are faced with the challenge of balancing work, family, and making sure children get a sumptuous, healthy meal every time. It’s been hard to get home cooked meals and entire family to the table at the same time. Hence Meghna started getting inspired and started experimenting with spices and recipes. A very busy social and family life made her conceive this idea to premix spices in olive oil at home. Curries By Nature is the realization these two goals.

Now we want to share this research and recipe designed carefully over years with the world. Currie by nature is our effort to make curries a popular name in every American household.

Keeping all of our experiences in mind and whether you are an expert or just starting to find your way around the kitchen, Curries By Nature brings to you the world's best curries and another reason for healthy nourishments for your physical and mental wellbeing.


Our 'CURRY' Idea

Curry is not one thing but a multitude. The word itself is the Anglicization of the Tamil word "Kari" who means a secondary dish eaten with rice, where rice being the primary dish. Over the years the secondary dish has overwhelmed its starch. Today curry is a global fare with variations across the globe.

The flavors of Indian food are appreciated all over the world and although delicious, the nutritional content of many traditional Indian dishes has been at odds with our modern view of healthy eating. Liberal use of Ghee, which is clarified butter, adds an unwelcome quantity of saturated fat to Indian dishes. Curries By Nature is a blend of spices cooked in Olive Oil and preserved in natural preservative that eliminates the need to forego tasty Indian food.

In our recipe we have carefully designed an optimum nutritional profile without sacrificing flavors. Curries by Nature is a wonderful array of fresh vegetables fruits herbs and spices cooked in olive oil and preserved in natural preservative. Once you have tried these basic recipes, make up your own dishes using different combinations of ingredients.